ASP Certified

The recognised mark for certified sustainable food

What we do

We certify farming families that are true stewards of their soils, to ensure that you receive fully traceable, tested residue free, non-GMO and low emission food that can be traced back to the field of origin.

We build strong partnerships with businesses that share our values to enable fair prices to ASP Certified farmers for this excellent produce, to make it into the best quality food you can eat

We educate consumers on the benefits and importance of choosing food that is not only regeneratively grown, but transported and processed by Australian owned regional businesses. Building back our communities.

A Snapshot

2020 in Numbers


Kg certified food grown


residues detected


ha in regeneration


emissions reduced by

Is your food free from nasties, building soil, lowering emissions and non-GMO?

Why You’ll Love Us

There is never been a better time to eat certified sustainable. It means working with nature, tested residue-free and tested non-GMO. Our farmers regenerate land and build soil while growing your food.

  • Nutrient Dense
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Climate Friendly
  • No Nasties

News and updates

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Eggcellent in every way

Eggcellent in every way

Eggs that save the planet now certified How do you like your eggs?  I’ll take these ones any old way, because Echo Valley Farm’s eggs are now Australian Sustainable Produce (ASP) Certified, which means they are regenerating soils, lowering emissions… basically saving...

It’s a Christmas miracle

It’s a Christmas miracle

Beer that saves the planet and promises a ‘good root’ launched in Queensland 2020 served up some curveballs and heartache but it’s not all bad, because thanks to COVID-19 a good root and a beer is all you need to be a climate hero. A Pale Ale born amid the pandemic...

Certified Sustainable, what does it mean?

Certified Sustainable, what does it mean?

Benefits Tested Residue Free Tested Non-GMO Focus on Building Soil Reducing Synthetic Inputs Working with Nature Lower Cropping Emissions Third Party Audited Based on Science Improving Carbon, Water and Mineral Cycles The ASP Certified Standard sets out the core...