Saving the planet with agriculture is not just a possibility…

.. It’s our plan

Our Mission

To save the planet with agriculture.

We certify farmers that utilise practises that are proven to regenerate soil, build diversity, grow nutrient dense food, reduce and remove synthetic additives, GMO’s and reduce agricultural emissions.

We do this by building a quality program of continuous improvement, and ensuring our certified farmers are achieving outcomes that regenerate and don’t deplete our soils.

We are Values Based and Science Backed

Our History

Passionate farmers and industry experts spent the past thirty years developing skills and experience in regenerative agricultural practices through research, testing and trial and error. The skills are focused heavily on the creation and sustainment of healthy soils through the utilisation of novel crop nutrition strategies, reduction of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, diversity of crops, the use of cover crops and the integration of synergistic production systems including livestock.

We work with nature.

Our Purpose

Soil Stewardship while producing excellent quality, residue-free nutrient-rich food at an equitable price that enables farmers to care for and regenerate land, and that both processors and consumers can afford.

Building a food community, not a food chain, that empowers consumers to make environmentally and socially responsible choices, at a fair price.

Climate Friendly Food

Our Certification

An outcomes focused approach gives management flexibility to regenerate land while supplying tested residue-free, low emission, non-gmo food.

Third-party auditors and annual auditing of our systems give reassurance that the continuous improvement of both our system and the farms that are certified under it are always attaining regeneration of our agricultural lands. Monitoring for nutrition, soil health, and social wellbeing.