• Tested Residue Free
  • Tested Non-GMO
  • Focus on Building Soil
  • Reducing Synthetic Inputs
  • Working with Nature
  • Lower Cropping Emissions
  • Third Party Audited
  • Based on Science
  • Improving Carbon, Water and Mineral Cycles

The ASP Certified Standard sets out the core requirements, key production inputs as well as procedures and practices for farmers who choose to have their produce labelled ASP Certified™. The ASP Certified Standard incorporates the best of traditional and modern farming methods into a holistic management system that encompasses soil health, environmental outcomes, farmer viability and community resilience.

The ASP Certified Standard considerably reduces and limits the use of conventional fertilisers and pesticides which is an important point of difference between ASP Certified™ produce and conventionally grown produce. Producers who comply with the ASP Certified Standard are dedicated to removing all risk of chemical exposure to our food, as demanded by the consumer.

All ASP Certified™ produce is sampled and MRL tested for over 270 residues including glyphosate and its derivatives, for verification of its pesticide residue-free status before produce can be labelled ASP Certified™.

Our growers understand the symbiotic relationship between soil, plant and animal health and the ASP Certified standard focuses on outcomes that build better soil health, plant nutrition, and eliminating practices and products which are harmful to soil, animal or human health.

Farms coming under the Australian Sustainable Products system consequently, produce healthier plants and animals which are less susceptible to disease and pest attack. Produce grown under the ASP Certified Standard therefore has a reduced reliance on pest control measures and delivers an overall nutritionally superior product to the consumer.

Our growers, their agronomists and researchers are focused on building soil health and fertility. The ASP Certified Standard requires the use of specialised soil conditioners which are based on natural and microbial inputs, supplying all trace elements and minerals to the crop.

In-crop testing verifies and documents that complete nutrition is achieved. Our farmers working under the standard employ soil agronomists who devise soil nutritional programs on a field by field and crop by crop basis that complements natural processes to build soil carbon and enhance nutrient cycling.

The ASP Certified Standard is based on soil science and looks to negate modern conventional farming practices which deplete soil fertility and builds dependency on costly synthetic fertilisers. Therefore ASP Certified produce is sustainably grown and superior in nutritional density when compared to both organically and conventionally grown crops.