Eggs that save the planet now certified

How do you like your eggs?  I’ll take these ones any old way, because Echo Valley Farm’s eggs are now Australian Sustainable Produce (ASP) Certified, which means they are regenerating soils, lowering emissions… basically saving the planet!

Echo Valley Farms

pride themselves on practising the 4 goods: Good for the animals, Good for the land, Good for the Farmer and Good for you.

“Finding a feed that meets our values has been hard. We started out using organic feed but tillage in organics destroys soil, and just doesn’t fit our values. Becoming ASP Certified means that we can confidently tell our customers that our chook feed has been grown and produced in keeping with our 4 goods principles.”

ASP Certified products are tested free of residues, tested Non-GMO, 100% Australian, and found to have vastly lower emissions than conventional farming systems. Echo Valley switched to ASP Certified feed from Country Heritage Feeds, Pittsworth, when they learned how the production systems of those certified farmers, reflected their own.

“We are absolutely chuffed that Echo Valley Farms have come on board to be certified with us. Their customers can already basically self-certify and inspect their operation at on farm visits, but in speaking with Randal and Juanita, it’s about more than that. Many producers close their eyes to the way their layer feed is grown, and its effects on soil, climate and environment health, but Echo Valley want to be part of the growing group of farmers determined to regenerate.” Miriam Neilson, Quality Officer ASP Certified

Randal And Juanita Breen, are a new breed of farmer. Neither had a background in farming, but both had a passion to produce the best quality food that not only was great health-wise but had the co-benefits of regenerating land, connecting consumers to food, and practicing ethical, free range and pasture raised production methods, generating fair prices and importantly, recognition of the true value of a good farmer.

That’s a whole lot different to their past roles in community development but it is a perspective that was born there, and in they believe that a farmer can be a “Community Facilitator”, someone who helps to coordinate the very complex and adaptive systems and practises that replicate nature and build diversity on farm, and their customers love the interaction, with farm tours and tree planting days organised regularly.

Echo Valley Customer Steve Abuid says, “We always wanted food that was healthy for our family, but now we understand that the food choices we make, can be not only good for us, but for the environment and climate too.”

ASP Certified has been certifying farmers since 2014, and its ACCC recognised mark for sustainable agriculture production is found on the flour-bags in the best artisan bakeries across Australia, sought after because of its excellent baking qualities. More recently, the University of Queensland worked with them to build and emissions calculator, it was found that ASP wheat production produced at least 75% less Green House Gas emissions than conventional wheat production.

Where can you order these climate-friendly, planet saving, ASP Certified Pastured Eggs?